About Us

Liberty Opinion Research is a public polling firm started in 2015 after years of executing internal survey research for hundreds of campaigns at all levels of government. Gauging public opinion is critical for anyone running for office. Being more organized, informed and data driven will be the difference between winning and losing a close election.  We will help you win.

We specialize in automated IVR survey research.  Liberty Opinion Research can provide you with the most cost effective, accurate and fast polling results that can guide your campaign to victory.  Using voter registration lists rather than random phone number dials guarantees that we are getting the opinions from a sample that is important to you.

Liberty Opinion Research surveys will bring you sample sizes much larger than the industry standard.  This will give your campaign greater confidence in the end result. Our cost effective surveys will allow you to poll more frequently and track changes in your race more closely.

Contact us today to get a free consultation and quote.  Liberty Opinion Research would be honored to join your campaign team.

Nick Langworthy, President

Nick Langworthy is the founder of Liberty Opinion Research.  He started this full service polling firm after developing an in-house polling operation that has guided many Republican candidates to win in an important swing county where Democrats outnumber Republicans by a two to one margin.

Langworthy is a veteran of hundreds of political campaigns and has served as Chairman of the Erie County Republican Party for six years.  He has served as a trusted advisor to candidates at the Federal, State and Local levels.  Prior to his election as Chairman, Langworthy worked as a congressional district aide and campaign manager for two members of congress.